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Born in the decade that introduced Star Wars to film audiences, high fructose corn syrup to soft drinks, and the polyester leisure suit to the masses, the byproducts of escape and frivolity fascinate me. I am interested in the consequences of excess and the boundary between comfort and extravagance. I create futuristic tableaux that combine humor and fantasy with an underlying pragmatism. The reclaimed materials that I incorporate into my work are integral to my process, presenting a social criticism regarding consumer culture and the excess production of nonessential goods. Concurrent with this criticism, is a contrasting celebration of “stuff,” a fundamental nostalgia for innocent superfluity, reminiscent of a time when mass-production signified civilization’s success rather than the potential for its downfall.

The experiences that accompanied my childhood find their way into my creations: The chemical hues of processed food, the synthetic camp of Jim Henson’s Muppets and the constructed fantasy of a 5th grade diorama. The primitive scenery of early science fiction films and television is a constant inspiration. I respond to the combination of escapism and social commentary that science fiction has traditionally presented. A reverence for the non sequitur of Surrealism, appreciation of Pop Art's kitsch and a skewed interpretation of Romanticism inform my compositions. Technically, I favor methods that reveal elements of the artist’s process over the creation of seamless illusion, escapism that reveals signs of the escapee.